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Shortstown Heritage

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Shortstown celebrated its centenary as a village in 2017 and with this in mind we set up a formal history society back in July 2015 to ensure our past is recorded for future generations to appreciate. Our society is called Shortstown Heritage and will also incorporate the history of RAF Cardington which of course makes up a large part of our story.

There are three main aims for our next few years. First we hope to produce history booklets on a variety of topics - these are long overdue and work has already begun on these two of which should be available by summer this year.

A major concern is to chart the history of RAF Cardington which is in danger of being forgotten if we don’t act now. Our website www.rafcardingtoncamp.co.uk attracts over 4,500 visitors each month mainly from relatives seeking information about men and women who served there so we know there is a great deal of interest in the station.

And finally we need to continue research into our history and the information gathered needs to be formally listed. This will be an on going project.

If you would like to join us or can offer any support at this very exciting time please make contact. E-mail: jyh@shortstownheritage.co.uk.

Jane Harvey
Chair Shortstown Heritage
Feb 2018


To research our local history.

To bring to people’s attention the history which surrounds them.

To encourage the research, recording, and preserving of all aspects of our history.

To establish permanent memorials to celebrate the history of Shortstown and RAF Cardington.

To publish and display literature promoting our heritage.