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Stanley Holmes Memories of Shortstown 1949

"I lived in 'digs' in no 1 Greycote in 1949 when working with the Air Ministry at Cardington and again in 1956/7. The occupants of no 1 were Arthur and Kathleen Franks. Arthur worked in the Gas Factory and Kathy was from N Ireland and they met when Arthur was there in the 1920's with the Army. He was later a 'dockie' in London Docks, as were all his family. They moved to Bedford when bombed out in the Blitz.

My year at Cardington in '49 was spent supervising an operation for the Meteorological Office whereby instruments were mounted on a kite balloon to record temperatures and humidity in the boundary layer - up to about 5000 feet. There were two former airship riggers and a winch operator assigned to the project. We had a small brick building on the airfield into which the cables carrying the information were fed.

Children on slide 1949

Stanleys small nephew and friends in Shortstown in 1949. Note the two Nissen huts in the background - possibly in the fields alongside Greycote.

A family in their flat was then a person involved with catering on the camp I believe. There was quite a thriving social club on Cardington which served as our 'local'. I think the new RAF married quarters were erected after 1949. I remember Arthur Bell, one of the R101 survivors being a member of the Club and was still employed on the Camp.

The photo of the boys is one of my nephew who was staying with me at the time and four other boys on a childrens slide in Shortstown. It shows Nissen huts and caravans but I can't remember where it was exactly. Of course I don't think any post war RAF housing was there so it must have been open fields"

At this point I would like to express my personal thanks to Stanley Holmes for taking the time and effort to share his memories with us - much appreciated! Thank you very much.

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