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Shortstown Heritage

No 40 Greycote

no 40

Ian & Claires house - who has lived here in the past?

Assistance needed!! Ian and Claire Mould live at no 40 Greycote and would like to find out about the people who have lived in their house over the years. Their spacious house has three bedrooms and is situated on the corner of Greycote and Central Avenue and would have been home to many families over the years.

Records taken from the registers for the years 1925 - 1950 show the following people living at this address. However nothing much is known about these individuals so any snippet of information will be gratefully received. It is hoped to take this project right through from 1917 to the present day so please please get in touch if you can supply any details at all of these people or if you can think of ways to find out more about them.

Residents of No 40 Greycote 1917 - 2011

1917 - 1925 Unknown

1926 John Everson  - listed as living at no 40 in Spring but had moved out by Autumn

1926 - 1931 William Pensiton-Bird* 
1932 No residents recorded at this address

1933 Wilfred & Lily Marshall

1935 William & Queenie Worrell

1936 No residents recorded at this address

1937 - 1939 Frederick George & Ella Smith** 

1938 - 1939 Albert & Victoria Bailey 

1940 - 1944 During the war no registers were kept thus depriving us of any information about these years.

1945 - 1947 Stephen & Ethel & Jean Buckenham***

1947 Leonard & Jean Cole

1948 No residents listed at this address

1949 Blanche J Martin, Blanche N Martin & Thomas Martin

1950 Blanche N Martin & Thomas Martin

1951 - 2000 No information available at present

* William Pensiton-Bird. In these years residents were in the main connected to the R101 project and as this man had left the village by 1932 it is reasonable to assume that he worked for the airship in some capacity. Many of the younger men in the Design Team lived in nos 41-44 at some point and it could be that nos 40-44 Greycote were allocated to staff working in the Shorts office.

** Frederick George Smith. In the Electoral registers any serviceman or woman on duty away from home was recorded in a separate Service Register. George Frederick Smith is found on one of these for 1939 and luckily for us is listed as F/Sgt no 346933. Does anyone know of this man?

***Stephen Buckenham is found on the Service Register for 1945,1946 & 1947 so was a member of the Forces (no further details were supplied)


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